Thursday, May 26, 2011

Experimenting with Our Children

Having children should not be a social experiment but a life experience.  These people who are not allowing their children's gender to be known are not allowing for life but using their child "Storm" as some strange iconoclastic experiment. 

Unfortunately, they will find that no matter how they raise their kids they will be held to account by these children for their strange decisions.  Kids appreciate normality.  They don't like strange names or odd parents.  They will ignore you at some point and blame you for all the problems in their lives.

Stop trying to be freaks and try to give these children a happy childhood.  Bringing all the social issues into your front door will create undue stress upon these children.  They are individuals and by taking away their ability to be who they are you are limiting them NOT freeing them.  Gender is physical and no matter what you say or do boys will be more aggressive and girls will be more nurturing.  Get over it and study your biology!

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